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the only journey is the journey within

Gen Judayna, LCSW  has been providing individual and family services since 2003.  Clients throughout Greater Lafayette work with Gen as she strives to provide individualized, meaningful service that promotes positive change.  Gen works with children, adults & families.
It's Gen's belief that the human spirit is ever growing, ever changing and ever evolving into who we choose it to be.  Despite the challenges we face, we create the world we live in with every choice we make.  Gen's life's work is to assist you in realizing who you were created to be and realizing all that you are.
Gen genuinely cares about her clients and will go above and beyond to provide the best guidance and support.  She will take the time to listen, assess, understand and provide helpful insights to assist you in dealing with your current situation.  Gen believes in meeting clients where they are and working together on goals that are important to the individual or family.

Gen is a practioner specializing in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Unique to
the Greater Lafayette area is Gen's expertise in healthy parenting related to
bonding and attachment, child development, safe and effective discipline, co-parenting
and separation/divorce.
Gen has completed the Postpartum Support International
Certificate Training Program in Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders.
Learn more about postpartum mental heatlh

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Postpartum Support
You are not alone.  You are not to blame.  With help, you will get better!

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